October 3, 2016 |  Career

There are numerous careers out there, all promising in terms of financial reward and personal development. Being a real estate agent is one of them. But wait a minute, like almost everything else; there is the positive and negative side of being a real estate agent. Apart from the financial benefit, you will get other kinds of non monetary satisfaction. However, there is no denying that real estate agents have to go through negative aspects to achieve career advancement.

To start with, here is the good side of being a realtor. In other words, benefits of working as an agent in the real estate market;

  • The major benefit, and that will most likely motivate you, is the financial compensation that comes with the practice. Realtors are paid on commission basis. Your ability to negotiate and close deals is what will bring you food to the table. Since there is no definite regular salary, you will work hard for the much you wish to earn.
  • Apart from commission received, it is most likely that you will make extra money from referral fees. Such fees may come from home loans, consultancy services, insurance, and networking or property purchases. This can only be achieved if you manage to build a good network over the years.
  • Another advantage is that hours of working are flexible. You get a chance to plan your own schedule and allocate necessary time to work and family. You will work at any time you want, there are no timetables or strict work schedules to be followed.

Now, on to the bad side. You may not want to hear this sad truth but unfortunately as a real estate broker, these are the disadvantages you must go through:

  • Flexibility of working hours is an advantage as well as disadvantage. Sometimes, the industry gets so demanding that you have to eat into your personal time. You are more likely to receive a phone call related to your duty as an agent right at the peak of your vacation.
  • There e are extra costs that you are likely to incur that may consume part of your income. Costs like paperwork advertisement, credit transactions and so on. All these costs will be billed to your account especially if you are representing a seller.

Check the video below for more pros and cons of being a real estate agent:

There you go, advantages versus disadvantages of being a real estate agent. Compare and determine whether you are still interested in joining the group of real estate agents in your region. Real estate representation is an exciting career that requires motivation and hard work.

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