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Is 3D Printing The Future of Real Estate?

3d printing real estateIn the recent times, 3D-Printing has become one of the most efficient technological aspects that have improved many industrial sectors where they use it. You cannot imagine where this technique has been applied and that is why it is going to be as standard as a 2D printer in all offices, common as a kitchen oven, and efficient as a forklift at a construction site.

Jack Uldrich, a Global Futuristic is planning to have an important talk show in Charlotte, NC. There, he is set to talk about the different revolutionary trends in the evolutionary industries and real estates. Between these trends, 3D-Printing—commonly known as additive printing continues to improve tremendously.

The last few years have seen a huge growth the 3D printing technology. Today, it is common to find various 3D printers in homes, with the most popular being one of the best 3D printer for jewelry making.

In his speech, Uldrich surprises people by saying that every operational component for a jet aircraft engine are printed in 3D. “This has been done by the General Electric. By 2017, they will be printing aircraft engine parts” He says.

“To what implication does it have to the industry; the real estate industry?” He asks. Jack believes that you need to focus on the global supply chain in the tomorrow’s life. He adds on to say that you need not to think about producing, manufacturing, or printing complex objects that are found in Asia and then transporting them around the globe.

“As time proceeds, more complex designs of 3D will be produced. If you can see, the 3D aspect is now being used at an alarming rate in constructing our homes. What of in the times to come?” asks Jack Uldrich.

“In order to bring to your attention how 3D-Printing is an efficient activity, a fortnight ago in Italy; the largest 3D printer was designed. It is two stories tall in size. The purpose of its development is to give a picture to the rest of the world that the poor people across the world will be constructed good housing facilities.” says Uldrich.

In his whole talk show, Jack Uldrich kept on giving the many efficient ways that the 3D technology can be used. e.g. WASP’s Big Delta. The technological aspect is being used to build and construct homes made of adobe materials including clay and mud. That is just a tip of the iceberg where 3D-Printing has been used. It gives you the hope of so many improvements as far as poverty and housing problems is concerned. Lastly, as Uldrich says, 3D-Printing technology is expected to improve the manufacturing sector at an alarming rate. This is what Jack Uldrich believes.

3D Printed Horizons

Do you think that 3D printing can only be used in the small sector building? In Dubai, it is believed that the technology will be used to print 25% of its building by the year 2030. This has made the Dubai natives to believe that there landscape is significantly going to improve within a short period of time. Moreover, Dubai has the first office building that has been printed in 3D. It was designed within 17 days by 18 people. It is really surprising that this form of innovation is being impacted into the massive manufacturing sector.

You need to see how this kind of innovation is going to be used in developing many different fields that are growing fast in the world.


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