February 28, 2018 |  Career

In order to come up with this data, we used the PUMS data. It really assisted us to come up with a list of the most interesting and common jobs that can be suitable to you as a nurse who has left employment just the other day.

In the modern times, it is not an easy thing for anyone out there to take a nursing profession. Moreover, most of the nurses that are there presently, lack the confidence to perform this kind of a career. However, the number of those students that are taking nursing is not reducing at an alarming rate; there are just a few people who are interested in taking that kind of a course.

This has left us with a very confusing kind of question that’s need to be addressed. Where the former nurses and what are they doing now? Those kinds of questions have brought a lot of curiosity amongst a group of people that it made us to look into the resumes of former nurses. The reason was to oversee what kinds of job they were conducting after quitting their career in nursing. It was a shocking kind of reaction as we were able to get over a thousand reasons. We saw it worthwhile to select the 100 best jobs that they resolved to do.

Below is a list of some of thejobs that we saw to be the top most:

  • Sales Associate
  • Clinical Coordinator
  • Career Coordinator
  • Medical Assistance
  • Home Health Aid
  • Volunteer
  • Clinical Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Career Manager
  • Case Manager

The above are all good jobs that involve using a special kind of skill in working. However, it may be a ladder in reaching towards other form of a career choice. In other cases, it may be their own exiting reasons to do whatever they are doing.

To tell you something about the above kind of jobs, they somehow make you get bored. It is just what you can expect the nurses to do after quitting their day jobs. However, we decided to list the key careers from the latter group since there are those jobs that always hit below the belt. They as follows:

  • Infection Control Practitioner
  • Epic Consultant
  • Patient Advocate
  • Attorney
  • Medical Technologist
  • Lactation Consultant
  • Ship Worker
  • Phlebotomist
  • Health Coach
  • Vice President

You need to understand that some of the listed careers above are considered to be attractive when one is seeking admission. Although, if you look keenly, you will bear with me that all those kinds of jobs are attractive.

How did we determine the Most Common Type of Jobs for the Former Nurses?

There are very many resumes from our database that belongs to a number of people. To specify, there are over 7 million resumes but we were only concerned with the ones that listed nursing under the work history area. Next, it was time to look out for the other kinds of jobs apart from nursing sorting them according to the one that came earlier to the latest one.

The following is how we were able to compile the list:

Vice President

There were 2.24% of former nurses who ended up becoming Vice Presidents. However, they are former nurses of private organizations.

Health Coach

At this group, there were 1.99% of people who were former nurses. It has been found to be a best career selection for many former nurses. When conducted properly, it can help one in fighting health illnesses.


It has a 1.70% population of former nurses. These are professionals who are good at performing venipuncture.

Ship Worker

It was found that 1.21% of former nurses enrolled with this kind of career. It is a career that pulls many nurses to enjoy the nature of the sea.

Lactation Consultant

It had a 0.68% of former nurses.

Other forms of careers were Medical Technologist, Attorney, and Patient Advocate among others.